Custom Patient Education Video Series and Guide Book – Helping You Help Your Patients

Pre-operative teaching programs have shown to help optimize outcomes* by supporting patients with:

  • Increased Knowledge Scores
  • Increased Physical Therapy Participation
  • Less Analgesia Use
  • Earlier Ambulation
  • More Frequent Participation with Exercise
  • Shorter Length of Stay
  • Improved Coping After Surgery
  • Reduced Anxiety Levels

*Sources: (Spalding, 2003) (Lewis, Gunta & Wong, 2002) (Thomas Burton, Withdrow & Adkisson, 2004)

Convergent can help your surgery center provide a concierge experience for each of your patients.

Our education program supports your team with expert training, resources and a formula to Achieve Joint Success.

Guide your patients through the pre-operative process, review what to expect the day of surgery, provide training on pain management techniques, and address common questions for SameDay joint replacement surgery.

Customized Education Program Includes:

  • Custom Education Booklets
  • (10) Short Educational Videos for a Patient to Review
  • Nurse’s Guide to Perform the Patient Education Class
  • Education and consultation with our clinical and medical consultants
  • Creative options for a patient “take home pack”
  • VIP [A] Very Important Patient Advocate Kits

Customized Video Series Includes:

VIDEO 1: Decision to Have an Outpatient Joint Replacement
VIDEO 2: Your Joint Replacement – Overview
VIDEO 3: Doctor Visits and Clearances
VIDEO 4: Preparation at Home
VIDEO 5: The Day of Your Operation
VIDEO 6: Realistic Expectations After Surgery
VIDEO 7: Pain Control After Surgery
VIDEO 8: Recovery Guidelines
VIDEO 9: When to Call Your Surgeon
VIDEO 10: Life After Surgery

$295/ Month plus set up fees includes:

– 100 printed customized booklets
– Video Series (customized for your surgeons)
– Microsite with Video Series
– listing

Contact us today to learn how Convergent’s cost effective programs can provide your ASC a playbook for success:

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